Magical Mystery #photocloG by Hannah Kraus




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Neon rainbows and pastel wonders, always a color palette to lift anyones mood.  

Black and White #photoclog by Hannah Kraus

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A little artsy, sometimes scary, but always classy, black and white can take on many fun themes.  

Brice Bischoff #artistofinterest by Hannah Kraus


I found Bischoff's work several months ago.  I love the interesting use of long exposure, the deep colors, and the general abstraction of the images.  His work influenced aspects of my last series, In Our Hands, in which I created mysterious gas and fire like colors floating around the plants.  I look forward to seeing where he will take his technique next!     

About Last Night... by Hannah Kraus

For many months (maybe even a year) I have wanted to see A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night.  However, as much as I love watching movies at home, I am terrible at sitting still.  The best timing though is when I am sick, and yesterday was one of those days.

I won’t say I LOVED the film, because I didn’t.  It is slow.  Very slow.  And there is a lot to speculate about the characters and what deeper comment Ana Lily Amirpour, the film’s director, is trying to make.  Are her statements political? Cultural? Or are we all just reading into this too much?  Never the less, the film itself is stunning.  It has been awhile since I have seen something as simplistic and beautiful as this movie.  Shot in black and white, it is a great reminder to us all that craft is key.  If nothing else, A Girl is worth watching for its visual impact.  Oh, and the music is pretty fantastic too…



Moon Beam #photoclog by Hannah Kraus


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I have a tendency to screenshot images I love from Instagram.  This has lead to filling my phone with seemingly random photos.  In an effort to make them more purposeful, I have started organizing the images into themes.  Every Monday I will release a new #photoclog.  I am starting the first one off with my favorite theme, Moon Beam!  Enjoy!